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Heist Exhibition 2017.

Juddy Roller’s second biennial Heist Exhibition has returned with an impressive international collection, showcasing a dynamic range of world-leading contemporary artists at the Juddy Roller Gallery. The line up consists of artists from six different countries, with names such as Adnate, Smug, Jaw, Sofles, Lister, and Cope2 all in attendance.

This has been one of our most exciting international collections we have had the pleasure of curating, with much credit due to our newly appointed gallery manager Dominika Kuthova. The gallery’s opening night welcomed over 400 guests through the doors, all who helped make the evening a memorable experience.

The Juddy Roller Gallery is currently open to the public from Tuesday until Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm and the exhibition will run through until the 29th of November. The gallery is conveniently located at 226a Johnson St, Fitzroy, in one of Melbourne’s most colourful laneways.

We also want to give thanks to our generous sponsors, Grolsch and Maker & Monger for their ongoing support.

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Elle – Lucy Lucy Solo Exhibition


Melbourne-based, Parisian born artist Lucy Lucy’s much-anticipated solo show “Elle” opens at Juddy Roller on September 18 at 6pm.

Elle is a collective representation of the universal feminine archetype. As a woman, She is femininity divided.

We glimpse her many facets through her various portrayals, though the lines that separate her identities are blurred. Each persona, culture and story is enmeshed and intertwined to accentuate the figure they represent; strength, grace, and beauty embodied. Lucy’s work attempts to capture the evolving folklore of the feminine, exploring the diversity and boundaries of heritage.

Whether a sovereign queen, a mystic sorceress, a youthful muse, or a charismatic lady, all share in the art and privilege of being a woman.

The fully catalog can be downloaded here. Contact for all sales enquiries.


Intersection – John Aslanidis and Mayanaize Collaboration Exhibition

Intersection is a collaborative exhibition between John Aslanidis and Mayonaize. Aslanidis’ work explores a sensory dimension which exists between sound and vision, whereas graffiti has been a major influence on Mayonaize’ s eclectic oeuvre.

The contrasting approaches result in unique images that merge to become a fusion of sonic vibrations and calligraphic improvised text derived from graffiti.





Intersection opens at Juddy Roller Studios Friday August 28 at 6pm and runs until Saturday September 6. The full catalog can be viewed here.

Thanks to Nicole Reed and Nella Pixels for photography and Round 3 Creative for video content.


Adnate – Benalla Art Gallery Acquisition

Well done to Adnate! His first acquisition into a public art collection and his biggest commission to date. Thanks to Bryony and the team at the Benalla Art Gallery for their amazing decision to acquire the work, cementing Adnate’s position as one of Australia’s most important contemporary street artists.

Adnate 3Adnate 1




Juddy Roller presents Choqworld – acclaimed Parisian street artist Choq’s first Australian solo show and launch for new video by Selina Miles.

The solo exhibition is based on the life and times, both good and bad of Choq’s world. Growing up in the gritty outer suburbs of the world’s most “romantic” city, Choq knows all too well about the dark underbelly of a place known only for it’s romantic scenery and artistic and cultural roots.

It’s this dark underbelly that has led Choq down a path to recreate this world in a way we can all relate to. The work subtlety reflects his inner most personal longings, his dreams and his goals. His weapon of choice to express such complex emotions? Cartoons of course.

Choq uses his cartoon worlds as a way to connect with a range of people; both young and old, rich and poor. This is the inherent beauty in Choq’s work. He crosses socio-economic values and ties in an attempt to bring people together as a whole and forget about the superficial differences. His work explores complex themes and attempts to offer a satirical critique of the modern world.

For one weekend only, Choqworld is set and the main exhibition space is being completely transformed. Don’t miss this one.

Choqworld opens March 20 March at Juddy Roller Studios and runs until March 22. For sales enquiries or to request a catalog,