Fargo And Co – Rosie Woods

Need an excuse to see some amazing art, while sipping a delicious beverage? Of course you don’t, but, Luckily for you, Rosie Woods has added her finishing touches to her huge mural within the recently opened cocktail bar Fargo And Co. The large scale mural covers a huge surface on the beautiful upstairs area, adding to the contemporary flair of this impressive venue.

Rosie shows incredible skill and tidy attention to detail with this red lipped beauty, which greets you on the first floor as you exit the stairs. This project was incredibly fun to be apart of, and we love working with the locals, new or old!

If you wish to see the mural in person (or just want an excuse to have a drink), the bank-themed bar set inside the heritage Swan Street State Bank is located at 216 Swan Street in Richmond.

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