Guido In Ashfield

Our mate Guido is breathing new life into the suburb of Ashfield, as part of a strategy to brighten up and bring new life to the community. In January Guido spent ten days during the Sydney heatwave to create the work on Liverpool Rd which was based on a picture of an unnamed local resident by photographer Mitchell Fong.

Guido’s intention for this particular piece was to capture the essence and tell the story of the highly multicultural Ashfield community through the depiction of the people that live there. This was achieved by dedicating a considerable amount of time to research and community engagement, building a strong relationship and delivering a timeless art piece that reflects the true nature and soul of the city.

The artwork is one of three major murals commissioned by Inner West Council, with other works including the prominent “Never Too Late” mural facing Ashfield Station. For those wondering, Ashfield is in the Inner West of Sydney and is about 8 kilometres south-west of the Sydney CBD.

Video created by Gabby Dadgostar. Find more of her work on facebook.

Photos by Ed Whitfield.

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