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Goodie Interview

This week we had the pleasure of catching up with Goodie; Juddy Roller resident artist and all round good human. Goodie is well known for her kind soul, contagious smile and her brilliantly unique style of artwork which keeps on giving.

After living in the Nation’s capital for most of her early life, Goodie packed up her paints and pens and made the popular move to Melbourne City at the beginning of 2014. Since then she has linked up with Juddy Roller and has been making her own mark all over Melbourne.

She has a beautiful imagination and really knows how to push the boundaries on combining her dreamy thoughts and visual realities, having a tendency to often disfigure and transform objects and figures, creating these dream-like pieces that leave your eyes and brain amazed.

JUDDY- Hey! So, you name is Goodie, but what’s good?

GOODIE- Sunshine is good, I’m better for it.

JUDDY- What have you been up to of late?

GOODIE- I’ve been itching a picket fence fascination. I’ve been spending lots of time walking and documenting the picket fences in the ‘burbs.

JUDDY- I wouldn’t expect anything less. So, Goodie hey. Any clues on the name?

GOODIE- Wink wink. Yeah, when I first started tagging and drawing on walls and in drains in Canberra I
wrote ‘Goodie Two Shoes’. But it was long. So then it became Two Shoes for tagging and Goodie for anything else, until maybe I couldn’t differentiate between what was Two Shoes work and what was Goodie work, and it all just became Goodie. I’ve exercised other minor alter egos as well, but Goodie is the creature that’s stuck.

In the studio Goodie

JUDDY- That’s amazing. Are you a night owl or early bird?

GOODIE- Ha both, those are the two best times to make work. I’m prone to insomnia, and so have
tendencies for both.

JUDDY- Very fair, what about painting indoors or outdoors?

GOODIE- Also both, my favourite is inside outside or outside inside, eg. painting in an abandoned house
that’s half erased, where you are surrounded by some homely familiars, yet exposed to outside
elements and are therefore more or less unsafe. One time I experienced rain in a corridor.

JUDDY- Sounds delightful! How long have you worked with Juddy Roller for?

GOODIE- I moved into a studio at Juddy at the beginning of 2016. It’s been dreamy!

JUDDY- How do you define yourself, if you can be defined at all?

GOODIE- Always a tricky Q, maybe a painter? That covers most of what I do. Even when writing poetry I
would define it as painting, if painting is decisive selection and playful movements of a medium or
multiple mediums.

In the studio Goodie

JUDDY- How long have you been practising art for, and what lead you to this?

GOODIE- Sounds dorky, but for as long as I can remember. Art has always been a process I think through
and understand the world through. I started spray painting in 2011 though.

JUDDY- Do you have a formal arts education?

GOODIE- Yeah, a Bachelor of Fine Art I completed last year.

JUDDY- Are there any particular genres or themes that influence your aesthetic?

GOODIE- Mmm yes, I like houses. Australian suburbs and architecture have been an eternal backdrop for
my life and have recently influenced my work in strong ways. I also think about dreams a lot. But
most of my inspiration comes from strange but common everyday activities and objects I see. My
friends are forever-inspiration. There’s been a spectrum of conceptual influences too, I’ve always
been way into frescoes and past muralist movements, drain culture, and art movements like the
happenings and surrealists.

JUDDY- You offer a very unique style with your manipulated portraits and images, do you plan this on
paper, or let it happen on the canvas?

GOODIE- Even when I plan and create a sketch, the plan always deviates and becomes something else… it
happens all the time.

In the studio Goodie

JUDDY- Haha natural flow is good. You share a studio with Kitt Bennett, do you have any dirt to dish on him?

GOODIE- Kitt actually has two brains, he keeps one of them in the freezer for later, for situations requiring double thinking, or when he wants to vs himself in chess.

JUDDY- I thought something was up. Do you have any secret talents?

GOODIE- Hanging my hair on the clothesline to dry after a shower.

JUDDY- Very practical. What are your creative plans for the future?

GOODIE- I would (this is a secret to everybody listening) like to paint in a coal mine.

JUDDY- Where do you want to go to work next?

GOODIE- I really badly want to live in Antarctica for a while.

In the studio Goodie

JUDDY- Okay final question, what would be your dream project to work on? Be creative!

GOODIE- Help set up a colony on Mars.

JUDDY- Kitt said the same thing about the moon, maybe you guys could be space-neighbours.
Anyway, Thanks for hanging around mate, be good!

Here’s the plug- Catch more of her stuff online at website, Instagram or Facebook.
Thanks to David Russell and Nicole Reed for the images!

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