Loretta Lizzio – Juddy Roller Lane

Loretta Lizzio has once again shown us why she’s a real force within the street art scene by producing this stunning piece. Loretta has a real comfort with colour and knows how to make your eyes happy, always bringing these strong colour palettes to the table. How good is that gold by the way!

The mural stands vividly amongst the magic within the Juddy Roller lane, which is constantly being repainted by Australia’s and the world’s best. With names such as Sofles, Smug, and Adnate sitting around, it’s not hard to see why this laneway is one of the most prolific in Australia and Melbournes best-kept secret. The mural is located out the front of the Juddy Roller Studios (just off Johnston Street), so if you’re in the neighbourhood you come and check it out.

The Juddy Roller Gallery is also open from 10am-4pm and currently hosting Dan “Ears” O’Toole’s ‘Bending Light’ solo exhibition. Thanks to Rune for the media content.

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