Goodie – Make Yourself At Home

Juddy Roller Exhibition

Juddy Roller welcomes you to Goodie‘s solo exhibition titled ‘Make Yourself At Home’. This wonderful display explores notions of comfort, safety and routine – ideas commonly associated with ‘home’. Processes are perpetually underway to render things familiar, form habits and configure certainties, in order for us to feel comfortable.

We are continually coming to terms with the relationship between our bodies, other’s bodies and the spaces we inhabit, which function in a way as secondary bodies. Nevertheless, what is familiar is only a recurring strangeness. ‘Make Yourself At Home’ considers the curious relationship between the mundane and the bizarre. The recognisable is married with abstract, private with public, inside with outside, while ideas and mediums reverberate within each other and happen simultaneously on multiple levels.

The show is a pattern of hypotheticals and realities, incorporating installation, painting, works on objects, objects in works, works on works, works on paper, collaborative noise works and poetry. Goodie really trying to challenge typical exhibition boundaries with the show, from 3-d installation, painting on doors that lead to nowhere, adding textures and materials that make you question what it is, as well as painting a giant figure being squished down by the building, which takes up an entire wall off the gallery.

This surely was an impressive display of the human mind and body, with so much talent on display. To put a cherry on top, Goodie also donated 10% of the proceeds from the works sold to the Royal Women’s Hospital…