Jason Parker – Overwhelmed By It All

Juddy Roller Exhibition

Packed full of emotion, a narrative of beauty and struggle; ‘Overwhelmed by it all’ is an ambiguous tale of what it means to be alive today. Jason Parker’s solo exhibition presented to us this intriguing analysis on life as we know it, which made viewers think, feel, and see more than ever before.

Jason Parker and Juddy Roller are also proud to announce that 10% of the proceeds from this show were donated to the ‘Orangutang Project’. Please support this amazing initiative by checking out their website to learn more at www.thegreatprojects.com

Proudly sponsored by Grolsch.

Photography by Nicole Reed.


“Life as we know it…

It is the greatest of gifts. Every part of this collectively individual predetermined existence in which you carve out your own path amongst a community 7 billion strong.

A community loosely strung together with fibre optic cables and data packages.

Can you stream Kinship? Are you able to download true connection?

Or are we destined to wander these unknown information highways? Where we struggle to stay afloat the constant stream of content.

The floodgates are open and there is no closing them.

How are we to cope? For how long can we struggle against the tide?

At what point do we find ourselves lost out at sea? Stranded, overwhelmed and numb.

7 billion micro-universes, each one complex, unique and home to an untold amount of ideas, stories and beliefs ready to be uploaded and distributed to the masses.

The information age is well and truly upon us.

Overwhelmed, isolated and completely surrounded. Ain’t it such a contradiction much like the rest of life”.