Loretta Lizzio – Lonesome Souls

Juddy Roller Exhibition

With a style that’s developed from intricate pen and line drawings, through realistic pencil drawings and then blossomed into paintings, ‘Lonesome Souls’ explores the depths of people. People who soothe themselves by being alone and enjoying solitude in natural places enticing the viewer to feel still and a little more tranquil.

After developing an obsession with water, Lizzio was captured by the underwater photography of Janaka Rodrigue, something which she knew she had to paint. This body of work forms the main theme of ‘Lonesome Souls’, exploring the feeling of weightlessness, the feeling of being completely immersed in nothingness.

‘Lonesome Souls’ is the culmination of months of hard work, non-stop creating and no social life, but Lizzio states it’s the most natural thing to her, the best release and something that makes her happier than anything else.