Opiuo x Shapeshifter Video Clip

Opiuo / Kitt Bennett / Round 3 Creative

In their never-ending search for new textures and tones to work with, Shapeshifter has never been shy about drawing in new friends and frequencies to expand their sound palette.

On Slug A Bug’s title track, Shapeshifter and Opiuo mash up a dirty bassline, mozzie-like synth stabs, soul claps, squelching keys and a wailing guitar riff – all set ablaze by the unmistakable voice of P-Diggsss. And B-siding the EP is ‘Warehouse Be Like’, a choppy roof-raising party starter, again featuring Diggsss, which oozes fun.

Illustrator Kitt Bennett created a psychedelic stop-motion narrative that follows the interactions of a bug that just wont give up on what seems like just an ordinary desk.