Sheep Hills Silo Art Trail

Mural / Adnate

The Sheep Hills silo mural is the third installment of the Silo Art Trail, created by world renowned street artist Adnate. Located in northern Wimmera, the oversize mural depicts members of the Barengi Gadjin community, including local Elders Uncle Ron Marks, Aunty Regina Hood and two younger members of the community.

The mural represents the passing on of knowledge and local indigenous history from Elders to the next generation within the community; as well as depicting elements of the local dreaming and the passing of time. Adnate, who is widely celebrated for his work with Indigenous communities, spent three weeks with the Barengi Gadjin community to conceive and complete of the Sheep Hills silo mural in his hopes of creating more than just art- “I want to create a conversation among local people and visitors to engage in the history of the people and the area”.

The silo is the largest of the three, sitting at a huge 30m high x 40m wide. Adnate used 300 litres of house paint and 100 spray cans on the project, which had its challenges, including working at height in heat and wind, as well as a curved surface for a canvas.

Photos by @p1xels