Sofles paints new canvas at Juddy Roller

It’s always an absolute pleasure to host Sofles while he’s in town creating work and painting murals like a mad man. It’s also a rare moment that he slows down enough to paint works on canvas.

This particular piece is a break away from his recent canvas work in which he uses solid colour and bold lines to create detailed work reminiscent of the intricate drawings hidden away in his sketch book.

This canvas is a more rendered style that hints at realism while still maintaining it’s stylised form and exaggerated features.

Rumours abound about a solo show some time in the future. Let’s hope this goes from rumour to reality as Sofles is arguably one the most important artists on the Australian, and international street art and graffiti scene.




IMG_2030 (1)

IMG_2031 (1)

IMG_2032 (1)


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