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In The Studio – Kaff-eine

Silo Art Trail Street Art Kaff-eine

Kaff-eine is an established Australian street and contemporary artist who has gained a strong following for her engaging illustrative freehand style, delicate linework, and quiet melancholic characters. She has painted public and private works in Australia, Germany, France, USA and the Philippines with a handful of successful solo and group exhibitions as well as having her hand in illustrating two children’s books.

In addition to her solo and independent projects, Kaff-eine recently co-founded ‘Cheeseagle‘, a creative collective who make art projects designed for exhibition and social impact which is making big moves nationally and internationally.  

Kaff has just spent the past two months in Silo Country (Aka – Rosebery) where she has been working on one of her largest canvases to date, adding a sixth silo to the Silo Art Trail. We managed to sneak in a few words with her while she was on site, to capture a glimpse into her latest project. Kaff has since completed the over-sized mural, and has been able to share some photos of the magic.

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