Federation Square – George Rose

George rose continues on with her successful 2017 as she teams up with Juddy Roller and the crew at Fed Square to produce a large typography based mural as part of Fed Square’s 2017/2018 Summer campaign titled ‘So Hot Right Now’.

The campaign is just the start of a larger on-going project as Fed Square is completing renovation work on the square, hoping to give the public something much nicer to look at while all the noise is going on. The brief for the mural was big and bright, so naturally, George Rose was an easy candidate for the job.

The mural is unfortunately only temporary, so will only be hanging around until early 2018, so be sure to not miss this one before it’s gone for good.

Thanks again to Taubmans for their ongoing support! And thank you to Nicole Reed for the pics!


Heist Exhibition 2017.

Juddy Roller’s second biennial Heist Exhibition has returned with an impressive international collection, showcasing a dynamic range of world-leading contemporary artists at the Juddy Roller Gallery. The line up consists of artists from six different countries, with names such as Adnate, Smug, Jaw, Sofles, Lister, and Cope2 all in attendance.

This has been one of our most exciting international collections we have had the pleasure of curating, with much credit due to our newly appointed gallery manager Dominika Kuthova. The gallery’s opening night welcomed over 400 guests through the doors, all who helped make the evening a memorable experience.

The Juddy Roller Gallery is currently open to the public from Tuesday until Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm and the exhibition will run through until the 29th of November. The gallery is conveniently located at 226a Johnson St, Fitzroy, in one of Melbourne’s most colourful laneways.

We also want to give thanks to our generous sponsors, Grolsch and Maker & Monger for their ongoing support.

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In The Studio – Beastman

Sydney-based illustrator Brad Eastman, or better known by his street name ‘Beastman’, is a multidisciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia. His instantly recognisable style of illustration on his murals, artworks, and designs have brought him international acclaim which is slingshotting him through a super successful and prolific career.

This alias Beastman is not only a clever play on words from his real name, but also provides a suitable description of his strong illustration style. Influenced by the biodiversity, symbolism and design aesthetics behind nature’s repetitive geometric growth patterns and organic landscapes, Beastman’s paintings, digital illustration, commercial projects and public murals explore a unique visual language, depicting future environments of abstracted landscapes, potential new life forms and human intervention

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In The Studio – Kaff-eine

Silo Art Trail Street Art Kaff-eine

Kaff-eine is an established Australian street and contemporary artist who has gained a strong following for her engaging illustrative freehand style, delicate linework, and quiet melancholic characters. She has painted public and private works in Australia, Germany, France, USA and the Philippines with a handful of successful solo and group exhibitions as well as having her hand in illustrating two children’s books.

In addition to her solo and independent projects, Kaff-eine recently co-founded ‘Cheeseagle‘, a creative collective who make art projects designed for exhibition and social impact which is making big moves nationally and internationally.  

Kaff has just spent the past two months in Silo Country (Aka – Rosebery) where she has been working on one of her largest canvases to date, adding a sixth silo to the Silo Art Trail. We managed to sneak in a few words with her while she was on site, to capture a glimpse into her latest project. Kaff has since completed the over-sized mural, and has been able to share some photos of the magic.

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In The Studio – Nychos

Nychos Street Art Melbourne Image by Silke Lapina

This fortnight in the studio, we are incredibly stoked to be able to sit down with our international pal Nychos and catch up on his extremely busy life. For those that don’t yet know, Nychos has been making waves all over the world, expanding from his original studio in Vienna and onto the world circuit. San Francisco is now his new home (when he’s not travelling the world), where he has spent a little more than the past year living and breathing all forms of art and illustration, continuing on with his busy life.

Raised in a traditional Austrian hunting family, death and dissection were the daily business for Nychos. Blending morbid and dark themes with the colourful, hyper-loony aesthetics influenced by pop-culture and cartoons, Nychos has developed a unique style that he performs with powerhouse effect whether on the street or in the gallery.

Nychos often collaborates with the world’s most accomplished painters, making him one of the most noticeable breakout artists from the Austrian scene. His paintings and drawings have been exhibited in galleries worldwide, including ten solo exhibitions, one which we were lucky enough to host at the Juddy Roller Gallery earlier this year, as well as a four-story “Dissection of a Kangaroo” mural located in Collingwood, Melbourne.

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In The Studio – Putos

Putos Melbourne Street Art

Putos has been a long-standing member of the Melbourne graf community as well as an active member of ACM (Art Crush Mob) who lives and breathes graf every second of the day. He can be found all throughout the suburbs of Melbourne, and we reckon it would be safe to say you can’t walk a full block without catching a piece of his work.

His work is incredibly eye-catching, combining traditional graffiti techniques with popping shape and colour, creating a style that is strikingly unique and definitely something he can call his own.  Putos is an expert with blends and tones, having the ability to create electric chaos that almost pops off the wall. His imagination helps create weird and wonderful compositions and imagery, that makes viewers to not always fully understand but most definitely appreciate.  Alright, enough small talk- let’s get chatting…

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Euroa Skate Park – Kitt Bennett

The town of Euroa has teamed up with The Evolve Youth Committee and played host to Juddy Roller and artist Kitt Bennett for a double mural install on the towns skate park and an adjacent music hall over the busy weekend. Kitt worked his magic on the skatepark, giving the aged park a fresh new look as well as hosting a live paint by numbers workshop for the public to get involved.

The install took place during the ‘Show and Shine’ car show exhibition, which is one of the towns most celebrated annual events. The weekend was definitely a busy one, and the town of Euroa surely made the most of it, including the mural work, face painting, food vendors, DJ’s on top of the impressive display of cars over the weekend.

The Paint By Numbers workshop was an incredible success, bringing together the community of all ages to contribute to their new mural, and everyone here at Juddy Roller are so happy we’re able to help contribute to these amazing community events. A massive thanks to our paint sponsor Taubman for their generous support, as always.


In The Studio – Welin

This fortnight we’re super psyched to sit down and chat with Danish Artist Welin, who has lately been lighting up walls all over the world.  Welin has the energy to burn and most certainly directs this into his lively mural work, fusing bright colours with contrasting tones to really make his work come to life, creating super dense pieces that completely absorb your eyes and attention.

Welin obviously also likes to have fun with his work, whether he’s painting celebrities like Action Bronson, including a self-portrait of himself into a wild wild west scene or turning ‘Otto’ from the Simpsons into a zombie, you can’t help but appreciate the kids work!

Welin came through Australia earlier in 2017 and we were lucky enough to include him into the Wall to Wall Festival lineup for 2017, as well as host him on a number of Melbourne projects allowing him to make the most of his trip. We also got the chance to sit down with him- let’s see what he has to say.

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Igniting Kimba – Cam Scale

Silo Art has now spread beyond the Victorian Silo Art Trail, as the small town of Kimba known as the halfway point across Australia has decided to join in on the artistic fun. Cam Scale is the responsible artist, whose name is most certainly appropriate for the job along with his extensive experience with large mural work.

The mural stretches over five and a half Silos, standing proudly at over 60m wide and 25m high, making it one of the biggest silo’s to date, and one of the biggest canvases in the world. An impressive 200L of Taubmans paint were used in the process, covering the overly-large surface area.

The 3-week transformation slowly but surely brought the oversized canvas to life, depicting a young local girl playing in the wheat field, overlooked by the magnificent purple sunset and endless wheat fields which blend into the real thing, creating a never-ending piece of art. These primary themes all being recommendations about what best reflects Kimba and the region after countless community engagements with the township.

The town of Kimba, as well as the surrounding communities, are all extremely excited and proud with their new artwork, really looking forward to the tourism and economic boost it will bring. The silo art for the town is part of a collective project named ‘Igniting Kimba‘, which is utilising art and culture to promote the township, re-igniting its fuse with locals and travellers alike, making it a must stop for anyone passing through the region.

Thanks to Robert Lang for the brilliant photos.


In The Studio – Dvate

Dvate Street Art Mural Melbourne

Dvate is a Melbourne based artist and graphic designer whose position in the street art scene is now well and truely established; covering walls, canvases and is featured in magazines both locally and internationally. Growing up in Melbourne just a stone’s throw from a railway station, he was instantly drawn to the colourful work along the suburban railway lines and has been destined to lead a creative life ever since.

Dvate’s incredible talent is displayed through his incorporation of intense street compositions, amazingly realistic imagery and masterful graphic designs. Weaving these all together in a one-man collaboration piece after piece sets Dvate apart from what you would expect to achieve with multiple artists.

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