In The Studio – Jason Parker

Jason Parker is an artist originally from New Zealand that luckily for us, now calls Melbourne home. Although Jason primarily works in oils, he can often be found using and incorporating mediums such as aerosol, acrylic, pen and watercolour into his mix. He’s an incredibly humble, soft spoken man who allows his artworks to speak volumes.

His figurative style whose subjects often occupy a space not completely of this world being a recurring narrative in a majority of Jason’s work. He has traditionally worked across canvas, but has since then started moving his work outdoors and onto the streets. It’s interesting to see him bring this energy, along with his melting pot of aesthetics and influences and see it brought to life on a wall or large scale surface.

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In The Studio – Resio

Resio Street Art

Meet Resio. He is a promising street artist making his way through the Melbourne streets and graffiti scene one piece at a time. He’s a youthful dude with what seems like decades of experience and Juddy Roller has had the pleasure of working with him on a handful of projects now. This happy-go-lucky kinda guy is already painting with all the big names and not only is he keeping up, but also pushing through and making a name for himself.

His incredible talent is displayed through his incorporation of complex compositions, realistic imagery and masterful graf pieces. Weaving these all together in a one man collaboration piece after piece sets Resio apart from what you’d expect to achieve with multiple artists.

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Fargo And Co – Rosie Woods

Need an excuse to see some amazing art, while sipping a delicious beverage? Of course you don’t, but, Luckily for you, Rosie Woods has added her finishing touches to her huge mural within the recently opened cocktail bar Fargo And Co. The large scale mural covers a huge surface on the beautiful upstairs area, adding to the contemporary flair of this impressive venue.

Rosie shows incredible skill and tidy attention to detail with this red lipped beauty, which greets you on the first floor as you exit the stairs. This project was incredibly fun to be apart of, and we love working with the locals, new or old!

If you wish to see the mural in person (or just want an excuse to have a drink), the bank-themed bar set inside the heritage Swan Street State Bank is located at 216 Swan Street in Richmond.


In The Studio – Makatron

Mike Makatron- The creative all rounder who works with an endless variety of mixed media on walls, canvas and paper as well as anything else he can get his hands on at the time. Although Mike is primarily known for being a painter and illustrator, every time we chat he always seems to have a new artistic adventure on the go.

As an active member of Everfresh Studio since 2006, Mike has exhibited extensively through Australia as well as been apart of group shows in Brazil, Japan, Miami and New York. He has also displayed his artworks within private and public collections locally and abroad, including acquisitions by the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra.

His work is preoccupied with the interface between man, beast and machine. Presenting a visual riot that stimulates the eyes and mind. Mike’s art conveys an imperative message to those confined in the concrete jungle to stay connected to the animal within them that lives in the natural world.

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In The Studio – Cam Scale

Cam Scale Interview Street Art Mural

Cam Scale is a Melbourne based artist whose practice extends from large scale mural-work and graffiti to digital and canvas based art. He works with several mediums but sticks mostly to aerosol, oil and acrylic.

Cam was born and bred in Sydney but has spent the past 10 years immersing himself within the Melbourne art and graf’ scene. He has since linked with Juddy Roller and we have had the pleasure of collaborating together on many successful occasions.

His work explores the complexities and characteristics of an individual or subject always capturing what surrounds him in a raw and emotive way as he combines contemporary art with a street based approach. His humble and friendly attitude makes him a highly likeable human, and his artwork only reinforces this. Let’s see what the man has to say.

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The Pillars Project – Adnate

Queensland Rail’s ‘Pillars Project‘ is quickly becoming an iconic landmark for Brisbane City and is now existing as arguably the most important street art project the city has seen to date.

Adnate recently contributed this stunning mural with the intentions of engaging his audience of the highly populated urban area in a visual dialogue with Australia’s true ‘First People’. The desire behind painting an indigenous portrait is to connect with each individual viewer on a deeper level, even if it’s just for a moment, to provoke emotion, thought, conversation, and bring about awareness of the issues facing Aboriginal people today.

This area of South Brisbane is traditional known as being a ‘Meeting Point’ and a ‘Place of Pathways’ for indigenous Australians for thousands of years and this piece by Adnate has paid homage to this- bringing considerable positive attention to the area as well as the Aboriginal community through the use of street art.

This unique pillar sits a short walk away from Queensland Rail’s existing pillars, linking a trail of historical significance and visual beauty. The pillar is the last before the Rail Bridge launches over the Brisbane River exposing it to river traffic, Coronation Drive and one of the busiest walk and cycle ways in Brisbane.

For more info on the Pillars Project, you can visit their website which is linked above, or even better head there in person if you’re in the local area of Brisbane. Thanks to Jade Hood for the images.


In The Studio – Goodie

Goodie Interview

This week we had the pleasure of catching up with Goodie; Juddy Roller resident artist and all round good human. Goodie is well known for her kind soul, contagious smile and her brilliantly unique style of artwork which keeps on giving.

After living in the Nation’s capital for most of her early life, Goodie packed up her paints and pens and made the popular move to Melbourne City at the beginning of 2014. Since then she has linked up with Juddy Roller and has been making her own mark all over Melbourne.

She has a beautiful imagination and really knows how to push the boundaries on combining her dreamy thoughts and visual realities, having a tendency to often disfigure and transform objects and figures, creating these dream-like pieces that leave your eyes and brain amazed.

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Lascelles Silo Art Trail – Rone

The Silo Art Trail is quickly gaining national and international fame as the fifth instalment of the mesmerising trail has been completed; this time by world renowned artist Rone. The Lascelles Silo stands proud at over 30 meters tall within the rural Victorian countryside and to say these are large in scale is definitely an understatement.

Rone’s mural depicts the faces of long term Lascelles couple, Geoff and Merrilyn Horman, whose families have lived and farmed in the Lascelles area for an astounding four generations. Born in the district, the couple married in Lascelles in 1967 and together with their two sons (and their own families) have continued the family traditions of wheat farming, hard yakka and strong community involvement.

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In The Studio – Kitt Bennett

This week we had the pleasure of kicking back with Juddy Roller studio resident- Kitt Bennett. Kitt has an insane knack for drawing in his playful and figurative style, which often warps time and disfigures his subjects to express a vivid and fluid motion like no other.

Kitt and I sat down over a nice cup of green tea to discuss his beloved plants, kombucha and a then a little bit about his artistic side as well.

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Guido In Ashfield

Our mate Guido is breathing new life into the suburb of Ashfield, as part of a strategy to brighten up and bring new life to the community. In January Guido spent ten days during the Sydney heatwave to create the work on Liverpool Rd which was based on a picture of an unnamed local resident by photographer Mitchell Fong.

Guido’s intention for this particular piece was to capture the essence and tell the story of the highly multicultural Ashfield community through the depiction of the people that live there. This was achieved by dedicating a considerable amount of time to research and community engagement, building a strong relationship and delivering a timeless art piece that reflects the true nature and soul of the city.

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