Guido Van Helten Live Paint at Docklands

While most of us where in the back yard listening to JJJ’s hottest 100 and firing up the BBQ, Guido Van Helton was at Docklands for their annual Australia Day Festival. This mural was completed over about 8 hours which shows just how skilled Guido Van Helten really is. The mural embodies the multicultural nature of Australia, represented in the form of  an Aboriginal child in the middle and a Syrian boy on the right. Guido was aiming to complete another portrait on the left featuring a Chinese child but as it happens he ran out of time.

Coming off the back of the Brim Silo project, it was great to have Guido back in Victoria again to show his skills and flair for capturing the essence of a person through his thought provoking portrait style.

Thanks to @P1xels for the photos – you can find more great photos by P1xels here –














Sofles paints new canvas at Juddy Roller

It’s always an absolute pleasure to host Sofles while he’s in town creating work and painting murals like a mad man. It’s also a rare moment that he slows down enough to paint works on canvas.

This particular piece is a break away from his recent canvas work in which he uses solid colour and bold lines to create detailed work reminiscent of the intricate drawings hidden away in his sketch book.

This canvas is a more rendered style that hints at realism while still maintaining it’s stylised form and exaggerated features.

Rumours abound about a solo show some time in the future. Let’s hope this goes from rumour to reality as Sofles is arguably one the most important artists on the Australian, and international street art and graffiti scene.




IMG_2030 (1)

IMG_2031 (1)

IMG_2032 (1)



Adnate paints new mural installation for Strawberry Fields – Part 1

Adnate has not only been an amazing beacon for the Melbourne street art and graffiti scene for over a decade, he’s also been a massive influence and supporter of Juddy Roller from the get go. He’s one of the most humble and talented artists we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. It’s been an honour to watch his work go from strength to strength over the last few years. Wether it’s an 11 story mural in Johannesburg, South Africa, or another sold out exhibition at Metro Gallery in his home town of Melbourne, he is constantly pushing himself to create emotive new works that test his skills and abilities.

The work below is a new installation for Strawberry Fields Festival. We are really impressed with the generosity of the event organisers. Not only have they shown their support for the arts by commissioning such a large scale piece for the event, they are also going above and beyond the call of duty by donating the work to a local school once the event has come to an end.

The images below show the first half of the installation. Stayed tuned to see the other half come to life over the next few days!














Be Civilised – An exhibition by Kitt Bennet and Shawn Lu

We are really proud to have these two legends show at Juddy Roller. Shawn and Kitt have both been active members of the Juddy studio for a long time now. It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch them both develop their style, skill and content during this time. They are, in my opinion, two of Melbourne’s most talented illustrators.

Although both have a completely different style and approach to their art, their work ethic has been carved from the same wood. Day in day out they work tirelessly to perfect their craft and this exhibition is a testament to their achievements.

If you only see one more exhibition this year. Make it this one. You wont be disappointed. Well done boys!

“Be Civilised is a collection of ink works on paper, by Juddy Roller’s own Kitt Bennett and Shawn Lu. The works are a documentation of the artists’ perceived representations of culture and the human experience that comes with it.”










Street artist Goodie paints amazing new portrait at Juddy Roller

We’ve had our eyes on Goodie for quite a while now. She really hit our radar during the Patterson project with her deconstructed portraiture and great use of colour. Goodie has a unique painting style that can only be called her own. A feature of her work that we find particularly interesting is her approach to space and the way she utilises it to create site specific mural installations. Keep an eye on this one as she continues to develop her style and all the while giving the boys of the large scale portrait scene a run for their money!











Visit to Moose HQ

Matt and I

Matt and Shaun recently had the honour of giving a presentation to the super talented creatives behind the awesome toys the come out of Moose. Moose is an inspiring company, based in Melbourne, Australia. They are the 3rd biggest selling toy company in the US and all thanks to the awesome team here in Melbourne!


Amazing new animated music clip by Kit Bennett

It was really amazing to see Kit Bennett flex his illustrative prowess for this one. When we were asked by Opiuo if we wanted to help him with a new animated film clip for his track Slug a Bug, featuring New Zealand EDM heavyweights Shapeshifter we knew Kit was the one to make it happen. That said, i think he blew us all away with the end result. Awesome job by the guys at Round 3 Creative shooting and editing. You all did an incredible job!



Mock 01





Pantone Paints Juddy

It was an absolute pleasure to meet such a nice, humble guy with such a fresh style. Great  decision by the guys at Wonderwalls Festival to bring him out as the guest international artist for this year’s event.

Pantone is a super cool guy and we can’t wait for him to come back and visit us here in Aus. You can check out his work on canvas at Backwoods gallery right now!

Photo By Selina Miles

Photo By Selina Miles

IMG_15541 IMG_15561 IMG_1559 IMG_15511


Elle – Lucy Lucy Solo Exhibition


Melbourne-based, Parisian born artist Lucy Lucy’s much-anticipated solo show “Elle” opens at Juddy Roller on September 18 at 6pm.

Elle is a collective representation of the universal feminine archetype. As a woman, She is femininity divided.

We glimpse her many facets through her various portrayals, though the lines that separate her identities are blurred. Each persona, culture and story is enmeshed and intertwined to accentuate the figure they represent; strength, grace, and beauty embodied. Lucy’s work attempts to capture the evolving folklore of the feminine, exploring the diversity and boundaries of heritage.

Whether a sovereign queen, a mystic sorceress, a youthful muse, or a charismatic lady, all share in the art and privilege of being a woman.

The fully catalog can be downloaded here. Contact for all sales enquiries.


Adnate “Could We” Prints

In September 2013, Adnate was personally invited to visit a community located in an isolated area of the central desert in the Northern Territory of Australia. Led by Indigenous Hip Hop Projects and Katherine West Health Board, it was an incredible experience to join them on their journey. Adnate spent 5 nights with the local indigenous community, Pigeon Hole, also known as Nitjpurru. It was here that Adnate had one of his most important and integral connections with the indigenous peoples of Australia. He experienced first-hand their ancient culture, the immense beauty of their land and the people of Nitjpurru.

During his visit, Adnate was granted permission from the local Elders to photograph the members of this ancient community. After taking over 1,000 photos Adnate selected the most powerful images and painted 2 murals on buildings within the community. These photos have become the insprtion to some of the most important work of his career to date. They have been featured in masive murals in countries all over the world. Adnatehopes that this series is able to raise awareness of the Indigenous Australians and their struggle to survive in the modern world.

Adnate has yet been able to give back directly to the community of Nitjpurru and in the indigenous cultural spirit of sharing wealth within their communities, proceeds from the sale of this highly collectable print will be going directly to the local school of “Pigeon Hole”. This will directly contribute towards the education and wellbeing of the inspirational children of Nitjpurru.

This is Adnate’s first, hand finished Giclée print. The print has been produced using high quality archival ‘Giclée’ inks by the renowned Dangerfork printing company. All prints have been hand finished with a traditional ‘dressing’ applied to each print individually by the artist.

Juddy Roller was honoured to facilitate the production and distribution of Adnate’s prints which sold out in just over 24 hours.