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Who we are and why we exist

As an award-winning street art network, Juddy Roller is about so much more than just painting walls. Sure, it’s a big part of what we do – we try to make the world more colourful, vibrant and engaging, one wall at a time. Our services cover everything from large-scale mural projects, curatorial assistance, and festival management, to art consultancy and graffiti management (both strategy and implementation).

So yeah, we truly run the gamut of all things wall-related.  But we’re also about the people behind the walls (metaphorically, not literally). Under founder and creative director Shaun Hossack’s expert direction, Juddy Roller has developed into a well-established community of passionate individuals. People who want to revolutionise the way society engages with public spaces.  Through our art, we’ve permanently changed Australia’s urban landscapes, reflecting the identities of people who walk each city’s streets. Wherever we make our mark, we try to bring about positive change.


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