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Resio Street Art

Meet Resio. He is a promising street artist making his way through the Melbourne streets and graffiti scene one piece at a time. He’s a youthful dude with what seems like decades of experience and Juddy Roller has had the pleasure of working with him on a handful of projects now. This happy-go-lucky kinda guy is already painting with all the big names and not only is he keeping up, but also pushing through and making a name for himself.

His incredible talent is displayed through his incorporation of complex compositions, realistic imagery and masterful graf pieces. Weaving these all together in a one man collaboration piece after piece sets Resio apart from what you’d expect to achieve with multiple artists.

JUDDY – Hey Resio, what’s good? What have you been up to of late?

RESIO – Things are good. I just finished a few commission pieces back home in Melbs and am currently on holiday in Mykonos, Greece. Chillin’ by the pool enjoying the sun and bumping Joey Badass “For my people” on repeat. And maybe partying a just a little too much.

JUDDY – Haha sounds very chill. Fun fact for you- Joey played at Juddy Roller one time a blue moon ago. So, where does the name come from?

RESIO – I just liked the letters and I guess it stuck. It also means solid, tough and robust in Spanish.

JUDDY – What’s your drink of choice?

RESIO – It depends on the occasion, but usually starts off with Canadian Club and dry and then the rest is history. During the day there ain’t nothing better than water though my friend.

JUDDY – Water is key. Are you a night owl or early bird?

RESIO – Haha… Night owl for sure. I find I’m most creative at the early hours of the morning when everyone’s asleep and my headphones are in whether it be painting, drawing or working on designs. Or just searching the web. It’s a blessing and a curse as a normal morning wake up is a struggle nowadays.

JUDDY – Do you prefer painting indoors or outdoors?

RESIO – Outdoors no doubt on a large wall that I can flex on.

JUDDY – How long have you worked with Juddy Roller for? What has been your favourite project so far?

RESIO – Just over a year or so. I’ve had so many interesting projects through Juddy roller so far- my favourite was painting on the double story shipping containers at the F1 Grand Prix. Also did another super fun project with New Balance where we got to customise a pair of sneakers.

JUDDY – That NB collab was real tidy! How would you define yourself?

RESIO – Artist, muralist, stylewriter.

JUDDY – We keep on seeing you get around with some pretty big names, how did you get involved with the Melbourne graf scene?

RESIO – My first introduction into the scene was through my uncle “’CULPRIT’ FRESHSOX/SNM/TBB. (Show No Mercy, The Bronx Boys). He originally taught me how to breakdance and would take me out to B-boy jams from a really young age, I would have been about 8 years old. This exposed me to the Melbourne hip-hop scene and met a lot of his friends as there was always writers painting live while the B-boys were breaking. Also, I was always regularly watching ‘Culps’ paint or draw. I guess I caught the bug and soon became obsessed making it a mandatory thing for me to create, keeping me sane and happy.

I actually don’t really consider myself a part of the scene too much, as I prefer to stay in my own lane and just make art and paint! That being said I’m still super grateful to have had the opportunity and experiences to paint and be mentored by some incredibly talented people that I can call my friends! These experiences helped me progress faster.


JUDDY – Are there any particular genres or themes that influence your aesthetic?

RESIO – Hmmm, I guess painting pieces taught me how to use a can and has been a major influence on my process and technique for making art. I think I’m subconsciously influenced by other artists to a certain degree. But am mostly inspired by photography, design, nature and personal experiences. Music also has a massive influence on what I’m creating at that moment.

Resio Street Art

JUDDY – You’re a wizard with the cans, do you use any other mediums or do you like sticking with aerosol?

RESIO – Thanks. Yeah mainly aerosol, sometimes acrylic. I’ve thought about trying oil paint on canvas in the future but we’ll see how we go.

JUDDY – What are your creative plans for the future?

RESIO – My plans are to keep painting and working as an artist. Travel, paint more large scale murals and try rock a few decent pieces along the way. I also want to knuckle down in the studio and paint some more canvas work for a solo exhibition.

JUDDY – Sounds good legend. Do you have any secret talents?

RESIO – Probably would if I wasn’t obsessed with graffiti.

JUDDY – Haha too true. Which city would you love to visit most, to work in?

RESIO – Melbourne has been super good to me. Hanging to get to Copenhagen in a few weeks though for some painting. Should be fun.

JUDDY – Final question, what would be your dream project to work on? Be creative!

RESIO – Probably a giant multi story, flat concrete wall, huge budget and with the freedom to paint what I want.

Resio Street Art

JUDDY – Thanks for taking the time to chat Res’, it’s been a pleasure as always- better get back to your poolside spot! You can catch Resio on Instagram or throughout the streets of Melbourne.

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