Nychos – Monochrome Organism

Juddy Roller Exhibition

In this exhibition titled ‘Monochrome Organism’, Nychos goes back to his roots, showing the Australian public a glimpse of his creative process: every big wall starts with a sketch, and some of those are developed further
and become high-quality ink on paper drawings. These drawings represent the ideas, concepts and
experiments by Nychos that help guide him to create even more anatomically accurate and detailed pieces.

These artworks show the importance of his attention to anatomical details in his work: the correct position of
the bones, organs and skin are key to creating his realistic cross-sections, dissections or translucencies, and to achieve new levels of detail and artistic madness. Nychos puts countless hours into his anatomical studies and this is reflected in the works exhibited at Juddy Roller.

Thanks to Rebecca Riley for the photos!